American Made Front Load, Short Stroke Aluminum Extrusion Presses

Our presses are designed for optimized efficiency, easy to maintain systems, and reduced downtime through simple, easy to repair and replace designed components and systems.

Additional Features Include:

  • Solid forged steel main cylinder housing and barrel
  • Solid forged steel main ram, platen tie rods
  • Solid steel moving crosshead (no welds)
  • Solid steel container holder (no welds)
  • Mechanical tie rod tensioners (Superbolts)
  • X Guided container holder
  • Die shuttle system (non-rotating)
  • Billet temperature reject system
  • Above floor butt retrieval system
  • Dual-arm linear billet loader with billet clamp
  • Quick change container (stem removal not required)
  • Non-welded hydraulic piping
  • No large prefill valve
  • Die bolster shear
  • Non-flammable hydraulic system for front end cylinders
  • Hydraulic butt shear and knocker
  • Internal Hydraulic die clamping
  • Minimal foundation requirements
  • Rinse-down style hydraulic fluid tanks
  • Maintenance friendly systems and components