Extrusion Press Measuring, and Alignment Systems

Read the “Achieving True Press Alignment with Laser Tracking” article in Light Metal Age.

Extrusion Press Metrology
CMD offers press metrology and measuring services. Our FARO Laser Tracker System can accurately measure to 0.0006 inches up to 260 feet from the base unit. With this system we can;

    • Verify and correct press frame geometry
    • Verify main ram travel and centerline
    • Determine press alignment
    • Verify levelness of the press and press ways
    • Includes engineering review and 3D press models depicting measurements with recommendations

Laser Alignment System
Our new Extrusion Press Laser Alignment System makes maintaining proper press alignment possible. With our system you can align the press components to the press centerline, not just the main ram. This will improve press performance and increase tooling life. The system is much safer to use. Instead of taper gauges and reaching into the hot areas of the press, simply make the necessary adjustments with our visual laser reference targets.

Hydraulic Adjustment System
Make press alignments safer, faster, and easier than ever before. Our integrated hydraulic adjustment system allows for finite adjustment with all of the lifting capability required. No more jacks, power packs wedged under housings and crossheads. Simply install the cylinders, connect the hydraulic hoses and advance the cylinders as necessary.

Multiple configurations available; removeable and permanently mounted.

Safely maintain press alignment with our system.