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Started in 2006, Cunningham Mechanical Design, Inc. is owned and managed by James Cunningham. Mr. Cunningham started his extrusion press career in 1988 with SMS Sutton. He has spent his entire career drawing, designing, and working on various extrusion presses. After working at SMS Sutton, Mr. Cunningham joined Pollock Engineering. Pollock provided retrofit and upgrade systems for extrusion presses and custom engineering for large scale projects. While working with Pollock he met the current CMD engineering staff. The original Pollock Engineering group has successfully completed numerous projects for aluminum, brass, and other extrusion presses. Additionally, this same group designed, engineered, and manufactured (5) 12,000 and 16,000 ton hydroforming presses, (1) 4600 ton hydraulic extrusion press, (2) aluminum scalping presses, various press rebuilds and numerous upgrades along with many replacement components.

The values learned at the previous companies has formed the foundation of our beliefs; provide quality engineering and design services with high quality manufacturing for our customers.

CMD provides quality design and engineering along with custom engineered solutions for our customers. Let our experience and knowledge of extrusion presses enhance your next retrofit, upgrade, or new equipment project.



James Cunningham | President and General Manager

30+ years of experience with design, engineering, and manufacturing of extrusion presses and press components. Previously employed by SMS Sutton and Pollock Engineering, James started Cunningham Mechanical Design in 2006.

Joe Vasalani | Senior Mechanical Engineer

30+ years of mechanical engineering experience with 20+ years of heavy press engineering experience. Joe’s additional experience includes; nuclear plant engineering, robotics, military application engineering. Carnegie Mellon University graduate. Joe was previously employed at Pollock Engineering and has been with CMD since 2010.

David Quimby | Senior Project Manager

30+ years of mechanical design and engineering experience with 10 years of extrusion and heavy press design and 10+ years of large scale project management. Additional experience includes; rolling mill and steel processing equipment design and engineering. David was previously employed at Mannesmann Demag, Pollock Engineering, and has been with CMD since 2009.

Michael Rosenberger | Senior Mechanical Designer and Engineering Manager

25+ years of mechanical design and engineering experience with 20+ years of extrusion and heavy press design. Additional experience includes; rolling mill, steel casting, and steel processing equipment design and engineering. Michael was previously employed at Fata Hunter, Galletta Engineering, Pollock Engineering, and started CMD with James Cunningham in 2006.

Thomas Boyd | Sales Manager

25+ years of mechanical equipment assembly and troubleshooting. 15+ years of sales and project management experience. Thomas is a graduate of Lewis University. He has been employed by the world’s largest screen printing equipment manufacturer and started his own business in 1999. Although very successful as a business owner, with changes in the screen printing industry, Thomas made a change in his career to work with and on larger equipment. Thomas joined CMD in 2015 as the West Coast representative and has since assumed the CMD Sales Engineer position.

Erika Cunningham | Office Manager

20+ years of experience in office and data management.  Erika is well versed and skilled at database construction, use of accounting software, personnel management, and more. Erika has been with CMD from the start in 2006.

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